We are young and ambitious group which loves to work all kinds of stuff. From simple props to really complicated costumes. Benjamin started as individual. Wish to have props from movies was really big so he started building them and soon, he was no longer alone and now he is working with one of the best teams. Everything starter roughly in 2012. He was working literally in his own room. Now we have own workshop with all handy tools we need.


Benjamin Rajner

Craftsman. Loves to work with new materials and techniques. More details it has the better it is.

Miha Čebela

~FREELANCE PARTNER~ Everything from computers to electronics is his profession. He also does amazing 3D designs.

Boris Pejkovič

~FREELANCE PARTNER~ Project developer and plan maker. Oversee the entire project development and ensure the team is able to fulfill the customer requirements.

Anna Rajner

~FREELANCE PARTNER~ Covering most of the traditional arts. Enjoying in complex drawings and finishes on projects.